The Scatterlands

Long ago the continents of the Scatterlands had no connection to each other. They developed completely independent of each other. This caused a severe rift between them when they finally did meet. About 80 years ago, a ship that was strong enough to cross the inner sea was invented in Macia, and the technology was shared with the other continents.

Macen, the continent to the southeast is the most tropical area of the world. It is home to many different peoples, and the Raiders. The continent is known for its trade of fine goods and jewelry. They are also known for their magical item manufacturing.. Although Atlas and the Raiders don’t get along, trade between Macia and Thelnas brings prosperity to both continents. Macen’s capital is the city of Fevren. A city that’s tucked away on an island which has protective peninsulas on either side.

Thelnas, the mountainous continent to Southwest is home to a good portion of Atlas. However, the capital of Atlas is in Vale, so Thelnas is less controlled than the other continent. Thelnas is known for mining and the creation of weapons and armor. The best tools of war come from Thelnas. Thelnas’ capital city is Goria, in the east of the continent.

Vale is the continent in the Northwest of the Scatterlands The continent has a temperate climate and is covered with forests and plains. The capitol city, Lancia, is known for its arts and culture. It’s located on the southern coast of the continent. Vale tends to have a lot of issues with the Gauls because of its close proximity to Caerwen.

Caerwen is the small continent in the North. Home to the Gaulish tribes, the continent is a harsh tundra. Home to some of the most vicious animals in the Scatterlands. Girvenehsir is the capitol of Caerwen, located in the southwest of the continent.

The Scatterlands

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